slimm media



Slimm Media is a company designed to provide targeted marketing and online media management services to small businesses. From helping entrepreneurs define their target markets to improve their chances for obtaining new business, to creating modern marketing campaigns to promote their original ideas, Slimm Media seeks to help small businesses at various stages of development. Our services fall into four major categories.

Marketing consulting;
Social media management;
Communication services (including web, print and video production);
Web development.

Marketing Consulting

Slimm Media examines, analyzes and defines target audience for small businesses to create effective online strategies. We will do this in a series of steps. 



Social Media Management

If you have a business or organization in 2017, you should have at least two forms of social media to reach your maximum client and reach potential. We work with you to strategize the best way to display your brand online with minimal impact on your day-to-day activities. 



Marketing materials

Slimm Media can design and write printed marketing materials such as annual reports, printed ads etc.



Web development

Slimm Media works with you to create beautiful and modern websites that are simple to update and manage yourself. We work to demystify the world of web development so you can focus on your business.