slimm media



We work for you. 

We are a small but mighty communications and marketing team hell bent on creating beautiful and impactful online presence for small business owners and non-profits. 

Our mission is to create great marketing through clever and modern storytelling to help female entrepreneurs find audience and reach sales goals. 

From our nearly ten year experience in media and communications, Slimm Media understands that non-profit and small business owners are stretched for time and resources. This can result in amazing work but also being lost in the shuffle of the internet. When you have a small or non-existent online presence, your organization and business suffers. We want to make it easy to manage your online presence with simple websites and streamlined online business solutions. Our mission is to help our clients accomplish these goals in a painless, transparent, and efficient way.

We aim to educate our clients on practical and manageable ways to take control of their online marketing. We understand that sometimes, working with large companies can be frustrating, especially when you do not have a communications and marketing person on staff. We offer a free consultation meeting to discuss your marketing strategies that are already in place, and offer up affordable packages to address your online needs.  Work with us, and see online results immediately. 

Here are our steps broken down:
Step 1: Audit current social presence
Step 2: Document who ideal customer is
Step 3: Create marketing mission statement
Step 4: Identify key success metrics
Step 5: Create and curate engaging content
Step 6: Social media management plan
Step 7: Track, analyze, optimize




Katy Slimmon

Katy Slimmon is the director and founder of Slimm Media. She brings experience as a project and marketing manager, camera operator, editor and associate producer. As the director of Slimm Media, Katy works directly with clients to realize their online goals. This could mean developing a website, moving applications into an online system, starting ecommerce (eee!) and helping set up beautiful and effective marketing campaigns. Katy is also fluent in French and likes to play guitar until she gets frustrated (sometimes half an hour).